Saturday, July 21, 2007

Hedwig's Four Patch finish

I finished this great freebie from The Sampler Girl's website today just a couple of hours after my copy of the last Harry Potter book was delivered.
The Sampler girl freebie Hedwig's Four Patch
The pattern was modified by Mary Kathryn P. of CO and shown on the site. I used that modification and added "21" to the date (my finish date and the date last book was issued), the scar, and a cute broom charm I had.

The best part is I found the fabric hiding among some charts just yesterday. I pulled some likely GAST colors and went to town! This morning I browsed through my box of buttons and charms, looking for a JABC purple or even a black bat, when I found the broom charm (actually TWO broom charms!). Perfect! Now if I could only have figured out how to stitch a qwittich ball. ;)

Friday, July 20, 2007

What to stitch? What to stitch?

I find myself putzing (is that a real word?? LOL) along with my stitching. I have several things started [ahem! several dozen things started], but little interest in working on them. I have another Fanci That flower I could start: a daisy with a watermelon in the center. But, nah, no real interest in it. Same for a cute needlepoint I have.

I do have some very pretty new Charles Craft Aida-in-a-tube in a lagoon blue that would be fun to work on. Maybe I can find something new to do using that fabric while I sit outside tomorrow waiting for the postal carrier to bring my Harry Potter book! Now that sounds like a can-do plan!

I realized today that I hadn't read all the HP books so I googled Harry Potter book summary and got hits for some sites. I read two summaries (for books 5 and 6) during lunch today! Now I'm ready for the final book. I'm planning to drop everything to read the last installment in the saga. Maybe that's why I don't want to get involved in a xs project: I'll have to drop it to read HP.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Stitching what I have

What a concept! LOL I have so much stash that I still love, but haven't even thought about stitching. It's about time I did something about that! So for my first effort I went back a little bit (2 years) and stitched this cat kit
Bahmann kit Katzenfamilie

Then I went back a little further (6 years) and stitched this needleroll
Columbine Designs Firecracker Needleroll

Then I went waaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy back to 1994 and stitched this charmer from Fanci That
fanci that sunflower 'n honey july 15 2007

WAHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm on a roll!!!!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Done in a week!

I finished stitching two pieces since last weekend. If I wasn't on the computer, I'd be finishing my 3rd item! The first is a kit I picked up at the Stitching Festival in Hershey, PA a couple of years ago. Thank goodness they had a model or I never would have selected it based on the kit photo. Here is the kit I picked up at Scandanavian Stitches (also dot com)
Bahmann kit Katzenfamilie The fabric was wonderful! A nice hefty linen so it worked nicely in hand. The thread is Danish flower thread. A joy to work'd been a long time since I last used some.

My next finish was a belated 4th of July piece. I like to start something in June of every year for the 4th of July, but this year I just didn't find something I was in the mood to stitch. I found it later the weekend following the 4th. Columbine Designs Firecracker Needleroll This Firecracker Needleroll is by Columbine Designs. I have almost all of her needleroll kits, but had not stitched them before. I was not impressed with the instructions on how to do some of the stitches. One was so poorly written IMHO that I didn't even recognize it until 3 DAYS after I stitched it as one of my favorite patterns on Shepherd's Bush (SB) band samplers! I won't say I stitched it wrong because I followed the instructions as written. But I will say it's not as intended or as pretty as it could have been, but life's too short to rip out. LOL

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Recent finishes

I finished the cute Pink Heart by Heart in Hand on the 4th of July. Usually I like to do a patriotic piece and start in June so I can get it done in time. No luck this year and I wasn't fond of any of the patriotic pieces I owned. So here's Pink Heart:
Heart in Hand Pink Heart
I also finished another piece using the Crescent Colours palette. It looks completely different from the previous piece. I added Blueberry Tart to the palette so I could do this piece. It's My Pink House from the Blackbird Designs' book With Needle & Thread.
Blackbird Designs My Pink House I really like this and want to stitch the full sampler that uses these same motifs...just not yet! LOL

I also thought I'd share this Black Star Design that I made into a candy pouch for a Halloween exchange in 2006. I was very pleased how it turned out! Here is All Hallow's Eve:
black star designs all hallow's eve made as bag oct 14 2006

Now I'm working on a kit from Germany that I picked up at last year's stitching festival in Hershey, PA. It uses a thick cotton thread from Denmark and I'm missing a color. Normally I'd contact the company, but since this is overseas and it looks like they provided plenty of extra threads in the other colors, I'll just punt and use one of those instead. If I didn't tell you, you'd never know the difference! ;)

Oops! But now fixed

I can't believe I posted the comments I wanted to post here to another blog!! It wasn't anything bad, just not something I'd post there. I'm glad I could delete it all and post a more appropriate comment on that blog. Whew!!

Too bad I couldn't highlight and copy everything so I could just paste it here. LOL