Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The New World: James Towne kit ordered

I saw this at Woodlawn and it reminded me that I meant to buy the chart. Turns out it's a kit which is even better! It can be seen at the designer's website She also designed a map of Texas (no picture) and Great Lakes (under classes). She might have done one for Maine as well, but I'm not sure of what I read about that (I think under scheduled events; she's teaching a class).

It seems that the kit includes a brush and paints to enhance the stitching with brown on the land and blue for the water.

What I thought was three cupcakes in the lower right of the design at Woodlawn is actually the three ships that brought the settlers to Jamestown, VA. Cupcakes! What a hoot!!


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Freebies from Cricket

Another mitten and carrot! Tee hee!

(and you thought you were done!)

Tunisian crochet

Easy to do....once I figured out what the instructions were trying to say. The cover design for "Interweave Crochet Winter 2009" is drop dead gorgeous! I decided to try out the design with scrap yarn before investing tons of dollars into something I didn't like to do. The triangles that start the piece didn't look anything like the picture on the cover. I know how to do Entrelac when knitting so the basic concept was known to me. I just wasn't getting it. I must have read the instructions 97 times! Finally I tried something a little different, and, voila! It worked!

It worked better than I thought because now instead of doing the ruana, I want to just do a scarf. I'll have more fun and it'll cost considerably less. It also gives me something to look for at the Sheep and Wool Festival on May 1-2.

Instructions for Tunisian crochet and links to sites that sell the special hooks were found here.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Mystery tree knitter

This is known as "yarn bombing". What a delight! My cross stitching group has several knitters and crocheters and is planning to "yarn bomb" the county fair (one person is superintendent of one of the buildings and wants us to decorate her building this way).

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Woodlawn entry scores!

My Woodlawn entry received a second place! WAHOO!!! :) I have plans to attend later in the month, hopefully next weekend.

Of course, going to In Stitches and Wendy's are on the agenda. We like to grab lunch at Wendy's and watch planes at National Airport (never will I call it by its "new" name) from nearby Gravelly Point. Usually we can see the cherry blossoms from across the Potomac and that just adds to the lovely day.

The design was a freebie on this wonderful blog:
She has lots of freebies and her Quaker animal series is darling.

Friday, March 5, 2010

One yo-yo Easter egg done!

I finally added the yo-yos to the styrofoam egg! The pink one is done. :) I'll probably take a picture of them all when they are all done - probably not by this Easter! LOL I also want to make the yo-yo bunny to go with the eggs.

I was starting to not like the egg as I was putting on the circles, but I kept on going. I'm glad I did because I LOVE the finished product. If it'll scan, I'll add the picture later.