Friday, February 29, 2008

Quaker Christmas SAL and other stuff

I'm not a member, but I added a link to the blog on the Stitch-a-Long. I may decide to stitch this and then I'll ask to join. It's a very pretty design and I'm interested in seeing what others are doing. Someone mentioned doing it with red as the main color with green bits. Interesting idea!

My order from JJ's Collectibles came yesterday! I am so thrilled to have the LK kit "Put on your big girl panties and deal with it." I wasn't sure whether I'd like it or not, but I always loved the colors used. I'm glad I decided to get it especially since it's selling out quickly.

I enter things in the local county fairs so I also purchased Bent Creek's The Red Thread: County Fair. Maybe I can glue some plastic fair animals around the frame! LOL Actually, that's not a bad idea!! Someone remind me of that at framing time. ;)

I am almost finished stitching the cute CEC Soft Boiled ornaments. I need 032BF (I buy it nearly every month; where does it all go?????) and I'll be at The Stitching Post, Catonsville, MD, on Sunday so I'll get it then. I've wanted to do a whole series before, but I don't think I ever have.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

So much new stuff; too much old stuff

Rhetorical question: Why are there always so many new charts and kits to get and too much old stuff not stitched?

Shepherd's Bush now has a Green Snowman kit. Not that I've stitched (or started!) the Red Snowman kit. I like the Green Snowman better. I've started Scatter Smiles, but can't stick with it. I have Scatter Hearts and Scatter Eggs, the buttons and the backing fabric, but haven't started yet. I'm trying to finish things that I've started this year.

I was going to make a list of "Things I Hope to Finish Before 2010", but it would be too long, I'd keep adding to it and it would have 200 - 300 items on it! Still, it might be interesting.

I've had kitted up the Cross Eyed Cricket's spring/Easter eggs chart book: Soft Boiled. I like them all! See it here: I bought the fabric at the time I bought the book while at In Stitches in Alexandria, VA last year. I started them this weekend after seeing them stitched by a friend of mine. I took a page out of her book and I started with the ones I don't like as much. So far the chick and the butterfly are done. I started the bunny last night and made great headway. It'll be nice to have some things done for Easter.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Started CHS Shores of Hawk Run Hollow

I'd pre-ordered the chart and fabric (32 ct) from Drema at Needlecraft Corner. Then, when Kathy released the list of fibers needed I placed an order from Drema for the silk (mostly because she had the NPS silk on sale!). I put in my first 20 stitches (thereby claiming the piece as mine) on Tuesday, February 19, 2008. I'm so excited by it. I'm using one strand of silk on the 32 ct linen. I'm starting in the upper left corner with the lighthouse.

Because Bunny Parade and The Big Zipper call for tons of boring border stitching I did NOT start with the boring black border for my square. I will come back to it.

I have to use my magnifier to see the threads of the fabric at night. Even though I use an Ott Light (love it!!) 32 ct is getting harder to see. Maybe it's the weave. I don't have this much difficulty on all 32 count fabric.

Friday, February 8, 2008

It's been a while

It's been a little while since I posted a finish. I do have something done; wish I could remember what it is! LOL I used to keep a list in a little notebook, but I haven't done that in years. Maybe it's my Mosey 'n Me Halloween pumpkin. Could be! I hope to have time this weekend to catch up on that kind of thing.

Nashville Market is starting and I am looking forward to getting CHS Shores of Hawk Run Hollow. I ordered the fabric, too, and am looking forward to my envelope from Needlecraft Corner to show up!! I bought the NPS silks from Drema last week while they were on sale. :) I'm no dummy! LOL I'd like to see a picture of the new Lizzie Kate releases. LK is one of my favorites.

"New Kitty" (or Salem, Sweetie, Spottie) rolled onto her back last night so I could rub her tummy. She purred and gave me a kitty kiss (licked my hand). This is a big step forward for her and I am pleased. I've just been glad I could help a friend by taking her in and that she and the other cats get along so very well. She's the only one who will provoke Bennington (aka Bruiser) and she wins!! LOL

I plan to purchase a new-to-me Little House Needleworks design "The Busy Needle" from the shop Busy Needle This shop exclusive was shown on someone else's blog (and I wish I could remember where since I liked her blog) and I really like it. I've been thinking about purchasing the liberty one of her two newest releases. Can't quite get my head around the cost.....yet! LOL

Last night I finished Pine Mountain Tie-up "Be Scary". I bought the kit last Sunday and the pillow to stuff it at the Superbowl Sale at The Stitching Post (my LNS). I rarely get a piece stitched within a week much less finished within a week! Wahoo!!