Friday, August 28, 2009

Entering the fairs

I so totally love entering stitched items in the fairs. The feeling of participation in the community, the fun of competition, anticipation of awards won, and hopefully cashing a check for premiums! I enjoy seeing how a piece does in different locations with different judges. Since I judge photography and baked goods I feel I can trash talk judges!

So far my favorite comment was on a Pine Mountain pillow wrap and their pillow that goes with it. The judges commented that the stitching was nice on the wrap, but the pillow with its serged edges on the outside and thread-tails was "poorly done". End result? 4th place out of 4 so maybe it was a pity placing. LOL I guess this group of judges isn't familar with Pine Mountain. I still like my pillow and now it's at the state fair....go pillow!! At least the state fair is judged by people deeply into cross stitch and other needlework. I may not agree with their decision, but I respect that they had good reasons.

My favorite thing in the fair is a little bee scissor fob that I attached to kids scissors that look like a bee. It's entered in bee arts and crafts and I try to have something to enter at least every other year. It'll be at least a week before I can get up to the fair to see how I did. And I said I enjoyed the anticipation??? Aargghhh! LOL

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Started CEC Spooky Hollow over 1

Yes, I am certifiable now. ;) My first problem is with the angel in the big rock: 1/4 stitches. Oh, well. Can't do 1/4 stitches when I'm stitching over 1 thread. I'm using R&R's Blue Moon Java as called for in the chart. I'm using all DMC. I hope to have this done in November to get it framed by February to enter in Woodlawn. Although I can picture it done and in a sculpted black frame, I have a hard time picturing it being stitched. I'll work on it a little each week and just see how it goes.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Started Nora's Sunflower Fairy

Valdani threads are interesting to work with since they are 3-ply, but the design calls for 2 plies. What do you do with the other ply?? I use Floss-Away bags so I've been rolling the extra ply into a coil and putting it in the bag. Maybe I can mix the strands later. Who knows?

I'm done with the green part of her dress. It's going quickly and I like the colors, but I loathe color charts. At least I'll have a fantasy piece to enter in the fairs next year. Maybe I'll have Jill Rensel frame it with a special mat. Gotta stitch it first! LOL

I'm reading an advance reading copy of Lisa Tucker's "The Promised World." I like the flow of the story and the word choice. I'm curious to find out what's behind the lies the twins have been sharing for decades. It's my main book although I wish I wasn't so into it so I could keep reading "Julie & Julia". Only so much time in the day.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Two New finishes

I finished All Creatures Great and Small by Homespun Samplar and a Mosie and Me. I may make the M&M into a box pillow. The other piece I want to frame in a narrow gold frame.

Now to decide if I want to keep working on The Big Zipper by Bent Creek or another WIP, or if it's time to start a new piece. I did receive everything I need to stitch Nora Corbet's Sunflower Fairy.....

Monday, August 3, 2009


This weekend I finished JBW's Alphabet Pumpkin using a nice varigated DMC.

I also finished a Pine Mountain pillow wrap (Let it Snow). All I had left to do was the scarf. Seems funny that that's where I put it away. Go figure!

Victoria Sampler's Mermaid Song

Last week fabric was in stock so I signed up for this cyberclass that will start in September. I love the colors on this! I need to stitch things that are not to be framed and this is perfect.

I started a piece this weekend and I can't remember who designed it! Homespun Samplar? Something like that. It's all backstitch or double-running and I'm 1/4 of the way done. It only used 5 colors of GAST. "All Creatures Great and Small" might be the title. I already know that I want to frame it in a narrow gold frame, no matting. I have a 60% discount coupon for Joann's that I can use if I get it done in a month.

I've pre-ordered the new Just Nan tin with the witch's hat on top!!!! As soon as I ordered it I thought to print off a copy, but the picture was gone! Did I get the last one available from that shop?? Maybe....!

I have ordered sight unseen the Nora flower design in the latest issue of a cross stitch magazine. I've since found out that it's a sunflower and drop dead gorgeous. This might go in my kitchen since I like sunflowers and have them there.

Also ordered sight unseen (and mentioned for the third post in a row) the Blackbird Designs Halloween stocking book, fabbie and threads. I can't wait!!!! I wonder which one I'll stitch first? A dear friend of mine when stitching a series will stitch the ones she doesn't like first so that she finishes with her favorites. I tried that once and never got the first one done! LOL Maybe I'll mix it up a little. Silly me! What am I thinking? I'm going to like them ALL!! :)