Monday, August 30, 2010

Hoping my yarn order arrives today

Of course, I've been hoping it'd arrive "today" since the day I ordered it late last week! LOL It's Knitting Fever's Flounce in blue/brown/purple . It makes a very lacy looking scarf (2 skeins) and requires a special technique. I hope to receive the yarn and get the scarf knitted in time to enter it in the Damascus Community Fair next Thursday. So I really, really need it "today"! LOL


Monday, August 23, 2010

My crochet coral reef was a contender!

I'm so tickled! It won a first place ribbon and then they told me it was under consideration for a purple ribbon, too!!! I wish it had gotten it, but it was all made in single crochet and the piece that won used more complicated stitches.

I picked up my entries yesterday and I've disassembled the reef, tagged everything and put it all in big zipper bags. Just need to mail them off (after taking pictures, counting and scanning them!).

This morning I found another reef piece I'd started!! This one is in white and is for the bleached reef. I'm thinking about mailing the pieces tomorrow to the Smithsonian and I find another piece to finish. Gee whiz!! I'm going to have to stitch fast!! Maybe I'll send some of it off tomorrow and put this in the last batch. That'll give me all week to crochet on it.

Everything I entered in the fair (as well as the last fair) won a ribbon. Batting
.100 so far! The state fair (entries due tomorrow) is always hit or miss for me. No way of telling how things will do. I'm working on a mallard on perforated paper that will be a magnet. I need to finish putting the beads on at lunch today. Not a problem! :) I can make it into a magnet at home. It can go in the state fair and the community fair before being given away as a birthday gift.


Thursday, August 19, 2010

I Ordered Halloween Goodies!!!!

I just love Halloween so much! My favorite color while growing up was orange and it still holds a special place in my heart. What's more orange than Halloween?!?!?!

From The Strawberry Sampler (a wonderful shop!) I ordered a bunch of Halloween charts during their sale that started Friday the 13th and ended Monday. I have the Just Nan tin with the witch's hat from last year so I had to order Hagatha's orange hat and Hagatha's purple hat.

I love cats, too, so this was a must have Fraidy Felix. It'll go well with this one from last year.

Punkin' Spider is cool. Crazy Legs is a spider with a pumpkin on its back. both use memory thread (I think for the legs, etc).

Just Nan's Screamy Mimi is my favorite of the two.

I couldn't remember if I had this one, and it didn't indicate the designer. So why not get it?? LOL At least it was on sale!

I think Punkin' Crow has a great expression. Had to have it!

I also joined the Halloween Club at Pocket Full of Stitches. It starts January 2011 with Raymond Crawford's "A Halloween Night"; 9 canvases spelling out Halloween! I picture it attached to a beautiful rope so I can drape it.

My crochet coral reef got a first place!

I'm particularly thrilled because I don't usually enter anything in crochet. I need to submit the pieces to the Smithsonian Community Reef so I won't be able to enter it anywhere else. I'll barely have time to dismantle it!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My Redskins team color coral crochet piece

Check out my first contribution to the Smithsonian Community Coral Reef Project (SCCRP). I donated this on the day I demonstrated crochet at the SCCRP booth at the Folklife Festival this year. It was so much fun to make this piece in Redskins colors that I did another as well a bit larger.

Monday, August 2, 2010

This and that

On Saturday I saw the matinee of The Savannah Disputation. Very funny! We laughed starting at the first sentences through to the end. I highly recommend it!

I finished the second flavor of my knitted ice cream cone - strawberry. Rocky Road was the bottom scoop; strawberry the top scoop. I hope it gets a ribbon!

I finished the February bee-of-the-month with the heart wings. Just need to add the JABC heart buttons.

I bought Olga cross stitch chart by Plum Street Samplers. The cross stitch shop says there's a correction on the website: not meant to be done over one thread. Not like that was going to happen!! LOL I bought 28 count. I substituted WDW Kohl for the CC Blackbird since the shop's been out of it for the last couple of months. (At least the last couple of times I've been in the shop!)

The Simon & Schuster book package arrived on Friday with 3 books. I've started two of them: Sea Escape and Hollywood Savage. They are very different in style. I like both, but Hollywood Savage is harder to read since I don't care for the "voice" of the main character. I am interested in how he resolves his issues.

I finally found a pattern for the crayon box yarn I bought at the Waynesburg, PA sheep and fiber festival last May. It's a cool vest in a knitting magazine I picked up at Joann's yesterday. (I'd tell you which magazine, but I don't have it with me!) I bought two skeins of black fuzzy yarn at Joann's to be the accent. The vest is 1/2 stripes and 1/2 chevrons. It's made using several colors with the black in between, but the melted crayon box yarn gives a similar effect.

On Thursday I plan to enter the yo-yo egg, bird nest pin cushion and the crochet cornucopia at the first county fair.

Next week I have a needleroll, a sampler, a saying (chickens and motives), the February bee, knitted ice cream cone, crocheted coral reef (still to make) to enter. The bee still has to be framed, but I bought the frame, foam core and more pins yesterday.