Monday, May 31, 2010

Bent Creek monthly swirls, gloom, sings, etc

Here is my progress on Time Flies using Bent Creek charts:

Bent Creek Time Flies April part of May   May 31 2010

Bent Creek Time Flies July thru Dec May 31 2010

I originally thought I'd be finished in 2007 so I'd stitched the date on the left. In 2009 I picked it up again and corrected the date. Now you see it's just 20xx. I'm not even going to commit to finishing it this decade!! LOL

LHN Two Roosters

I saw this great saying online and immediately had to stitch it. After charting it out with graph paper and an alphabet found online, I used fibers and fabric I had on hand. I decided to follow Blackbird Designs' lead by changing the color of some of the words just to add interest to the piece. I found the perfect Little House Needleworks chart at my LNS and finished this piece on my mini vacation. Wahoo!!!

Chickens motives questioned LHN Two Roosters May 18 2010

Recent finish: Barb's RR

I used this snowflake
Peppermint snowflake on Barb's RR May 17 2010

on Barb's RR. Here's the top part of Barb's RR:

Barb's snowflake RR May 17 2010

It says: Like snowflakes friends come in all shapes and sizes. We decided to stitch her flakes so that they looked unique. I did the peppermints snowflake, another did one all in green DMC 524 as that is her favorite DMC color.

Monday, May 24, 2010

I went on a mini vacation

First stop was Johnstown, PA, for the Flood Museum and to ride the incline. Got a regional cookbook (I'm such a sucker for those things!) at the museum. We rode the incline and had lunch at the Grill at the top. Delicious! I'd have my birthday dinners here if it wasn't 3-1/2 hours away!! LOL

Saturday was set aside for the Sheep & Fiber Festival in Waynesburg, PA (just south of Pittsburgh). It was quaint. I liked that the trotters were being put through their paces (get it?? trotters and pacers?? LOL!) at the track at the fair grounds. I'm used to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival so I expected more. That's not to say I didn't find any yarn! I bought some alpaca from the booth I first saw at Christmas in the Woods in Ohio last October. It's a Shaker Festival in Columbiana, Ohio. I've been twice and loved it both times. I should figure out how to fly in and drive back laden with goodies!

Back to the fiber festival. In one enclosed barn were three teams working on their sheep-to-shawl entries. In the other barn (yes, only two barns) were the yarn vendors. I was there less than an hour. At the Maryland show we were there four hours and saw about half of it (too hot).

Anyway, the owner of the booth next to the alpaca lady was very helpful with her ideas and comments that I felt compelled to visit her booth. Boy, was I ever glad I did!! Lots of great yarn in great colors and this spectacular find: melted crayon box handspun yarn! This was a MUST HAVE. No, I haven't figured out what to do with it, but who needs to know that before purchasing such luscious yarn? I bought the tee shirt and we left to go to lunch.

The melted crayon lady told me that over 100,000 people attended the Maryland sheep festival and were turned away when the parking lot got filled on Saturday! Yowza! I knew it was crowded, but didn't realize it was that crowded.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

"I dream of a world..." progress

The stitching of the words is done. One chicken is done. Need to add the other chicken. I took a page from Blackbird Designs and stitched a couple of words in color rather than 3371. I like it! Now to get offline, resume watching the Eureka marathon, and finish that second chicken!

Monday, May 3, 2010

I dream of a world...

I saw this on a t-shirt:

I dream of a world where chickens can cross the road without having their motives questioned.

This MUST be done in cross stitch! I've already charted it out, but need to decide on placement. I bought Little House Needleworks' "Two Roosters" to use. Should the roosters be looking outward or inward? I bought the DMC and putty linen at The Stitching Post yesterday. I'm ready to roll! :)