Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Spring! Happy Easter!

Spring has Sprung  freebie Mar 14 2008

Bent Creek The Bunnies Mar 22 2008

I'm so glad it's Spring! Temps are in the mid-40s today, but on Wednesday the temps should be in the 60s. :) How great is that!

These were easy stitches, but Spring has Sprung took 3 days while The Bunnies took over a year from the time I started it.

My chart for the Dragon Carousel arrived last Friday. I'm soooo excited! I was going to attempt to add metallics but I am overjoyed to see that it CALLS for metallics, both blending filament and #4 Braid. Lots of beads, too! I bought most of my floss at A.C. Moore and ordered the fabric Gothic)from Picture This Plus' website. I'm looking forward to stitching this. I'm not looking forward to stripping and working with all that BF, though.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Lizzie Kate Big Girl Panties....done in 2 days!!

Lizzie Kate Big Girl Panties Mar 3, 2008

This crazy, funny design only took me 2 days to stitch! I sewed the yellow buttons on at quirky angles. I also made a color change! If I stitched it as charted, the panties on the right would have a purple band at the top not yellow. I substituted DMC 745 since it was handy from the bee CEC Easter ornament. Now my piece matches the picture!

Be Scary pillow

I finished this Pine Mountain design at the end of February, but just didn't feel like scanning it, putting it on Webshots, and then posting it in the blog until today. So without further delay......

Pine Mountain Be Scary pillow Jan 2008

These are so much fun and I love the designs. I have oodles to do, but never seem to pick them up to stitch.

Cross Eyed Cricket Soft Boiled Ornaments...done!!

CEC Soft Boiled Ornaments Tiny Chick Feb 24, 2008 CEC Tiny Butterfly Feb 25, 2008 CEC Tiny Bunny Feb 26 2008 CEC Tiny Sheep Feb 27, 2008 CEC Tiny Bee Feb 28, 2008

These were so much fun to stitch! These were quick, too. It really seems like spring will come. These were done on 20 ct fabric: sunflower, lilac, antique rose, lime green and daffodil. I swung by Joann Fabrics to get backing calico and I am very pleased with the choices I made. Surprisingly getting backing for sunflower (chick) was the easiest! The butterfly on lilac was the hardest; it's a very greyed hue.