Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Finished SB freebie with button: Flower Power/new purchases

Saw it framed with what has to be a Jill Rensel design in bright pink with two 3-D funky flowers.  In Stitches framed it in a white and then a bright pink frame to match the matting.  It's so cute!  I stitched it in less than a week and took it back to be framed (6 - 8 weeks) when I went to pick up my Woodlawn pieces.  I had bought the same design, kitted at Stitching Post and I plan to make it an ornament for the spring.  Yes, I know it's almost the 4th of July.  Is there a point here??! LOL

I picked up the pattern and fabric for Jane Tindall 1864 by Needlework Press.  It calls for Confederate Gray, but the fabric cutter said she saw it on Lakside Linens' Vintage Tundra so I bought that.  This should be nice.  I just adore the bottom of the piece; the rectangular patches of grass and all the animals.  Not enough time to get it completed AND framed before fair season starts in August.

I also picked up Rachel Ellicott by R&R Reproductions.  Ellicott City is not far from me and I've seen the original hanging in the Sandy Springs Museum (local girl does good).  This is the second copy I've purchased.  Maybe now I'll stitch it. LOL 

From the recent on-line Needlework Show I ordered Caroline Adler 1828 by Cardan Antiques and Needlework.  It's very bright and seem to have a lot of fushia and orange (an underused color combination IMHO).  Once again, this chart has the "typo" of using 40 count fabric. 

Monday, June 11, 2012

Did well enough at Woodlawn!

My Mermaid and the Sea by Examplar Dames got an Honorable Mention and was very well displayed! My fractur alphabet got nothing, but was also well displayed. It was my tuxedo cat part of a Janlyn chart that received a Third Prize!! Yippee!! This cat face looks EXACTLY like Shannon, one of my first kitties, and my first tuxedo cat. I'm so pleased!