Friday, January 30, 2009

I finished two CEC carrots!

Somewhere I have a zip baggie with the 3 CEC chart books, fibers, and fabbies for all the carrots. I didn't stitch any of those. I stitched the Plum Tree carrot freebie and the Easter carrot. Both are stitched on the green specified for the Easter carrot.

I'm not sure what to stitch on next. Several things have been calling out to me (and certainly several things have been started!), but the Superbowl Sales are coming up and I don't know what I'll end up buying and want to start.

I've ordered the last of the monthly witch's hats from Hooray! Then I can get started on my Round Robin!

Friday, January 16, 2009

4 Day weekend!!

I'll be back to work next Wednesday! The weekend, MLK Holiday and my employer has given us off on Inauguration Day. I hope to get a lot of stitching and/or finishing done. I'd like to clear out a couple of boxes in my closet, too. Tomorrow I'm going to see Mall Cop (I think that's the title) at the theater with the good popcorn. I like my popcorn with butter added in the middle and on top, but the serving size is so large I'm going to bring a large Hefty zippered bag to keep what I don't eat both fresh and from leaking butter all over everything.

I finished my Sheepish Grin knotted sheep pendant by Teresa Layman yesterday. It looks great! The back plate wouldn't snap in so I used the E6000 to glue it in place. Just need to get a chain from Michaels and it'll be ready to wear! I enjoyed the colonial and French knots, but I'm not sure I want to buy the bee design right away.

I have my acorn retreat piece to assemble so I might use my new simple White sewing machine to do it. Maybe I should do an ornament first to test out the machine before working on a lovely piece.

Do you have a Trader Joe's grocery store near you? I finally went yesterday and was pleasantly surprised by the variety. I picked up a package of burgundy beef (delicious) and a bag of frozen roasted potatoes (really yummy). They even had ears of corn that reminded me of the peak of summer goodness. I'll definitely go back. A friend tells me there's a larger store in the area. I'll have to check that one out, too.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I found a new designer (to me!)

I was cruising around eBay. Usually I go directly to the designers I'm interested in checking out and it varies. It's probably been years since I just put in cross stitch and looked at the random, chronological listing of items. It was on the first page that I found postings by eBay seller: stitcherhood. Charming yet simple designs! I noticed she has a website ( so I checked it out. I felt the charts are reasonably priced and shipping is also reasonable. I bid on 7 of her designs and won 5! I found the other 2 designs in her Buy It Now store and took care of business very quickly. I'm so looking forward to starting these charts!!! I don't know which one to start first! :)

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!!!!!!!

The elevators where I work did not make it into the new year in working condition. It's due to the programming. We're experiencing what I call "Y2K + 9". ROFLMEO They have to have an operator stationed in each elevator to take you to your floor. I remember when the department stores would have elevator operators that would close the door to the floor then close the door to the elevator and take you to the floor you wanted. "5th floor housewares." There was a big wheel handle that allowed the operator to make adjustments so the elevator floor and the store floor matched. In the 1950's it was always a woman operator. Equal opportunity for elevator operators has been achieved!! The elevator was literally manned! ;)

I finished a LOT of items while home, but ran out of room in the computer for scanning pics of the finishes. Boo hoo! I'll have to work on that whenever I can pull together some extra minutes.

My finishes include:
Balloon Woman by Tina Richards (ready to pick up at framer)
Cherish Sampler by Shepherd's Bush
Cherish Sampler bracelet by Shepherd's Bush
Christmas sheep necklace by Shepherd's Bush
Eccentric needlepoint
Wanda Witch by Shepherd's Bush
Welcome Bellpull by Calico Crossroads
June Be Cool by Pine Mtn Designs
Nativity Globe (without the globe so I can make it an ornie) by Bent Creek
Blackbird House by Bent Creek
fall freebie
Is It Too Late? by Lizzie Kate
2005 Sampler Ornament: Oh Holy Night by Homespun Elegance

I also started a couple of things:
3 wise men needlepoint kit by Bucilla that I've owned AT LEAST since 1985
Teresa Laymen knotted sheep necklace (I love making French knots!) started 12/31/08
Rose Garden Sampler from Cross Stitch & Country Crafts magazine (if I'm remembering it right)
Dimensions crane needlepoint kit with sunset background
Band Sampler by ??? using Caron Waterlilies Java started on 1/1/09

My unofficial New Year's Resolutions (because if I make them official, I'll never stick with it) is to:
1 - not buy cross stitch every month
2 - stitch on stuff I already have