Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sue Clout of New Zealand - I'll miss her greatly

I'm lucky to have considered Sue my friend. She passed away unexpectly on Friday, August 15, 2008. I had emailed her last week since we hadn't chatted in several weeks only to have her DH reply yesterday with the sad news. She had a great sense of humor, loved Shepherd's Bush designs, and adored her family. I will always treasure our friendship and the Round Robin pieces she stitched on.

God Bless.

Round Robin finish and a small piece

I finished stitching on Lisa's RR. I do so love a Halloween theme! It was also a great "reason" to buy the new Prairie Schooler chart. Like I really needed a reason! LOL

Here's a pic:
Lisa's RR on August 19, 2008 PS When Witches Ride

I spent the earlier part of this week stitching this little urn of cabbage roses from a Ewe & Eye & Friends chart celebrating the 2000 Millennium. I found this frame at Joann's Fabric about 6 years ago, knowing that I would stitch something of EEF to put in it. I love it!!!

EEF 2000 Millennium in cabbage rose frame from Joann's Fabrics

Last night I started Hallow Sampler by The Primitive Needle (if I've remembered correctly) over 1 thread. It's fun and I have A-C and half an owl done. :) It should be approximately 4 x 4 when it's done.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Storing my stitching

If you read the Legacy bb on, then you may have already seen this.

I use just about all the methods mentioned and I still can't find anything easily! LOL I use binders with sheet protectors for designers. I'll put the buttons, charms, fibers and fabric in with the pattern, but the fabric is inside the chart and the floss is at the back of the chart so they are separated (didn't even think the fiber could bleed onto the fabric!!!!). I saw a $50 piece of fabric yesterday in a shopping bag that I have no idea what it's for. I hope it occurs to me! I had to have had something very specific and special in mind to spend that kind of money on fabric.

Projects I've started (and there are very, very many) graduate to 2.5 gallon zippered plastic bags. Projects I want to stitch soon, but am still gathering supplies go in the 2.5 gallon baggies and placed in a specific tote bag. All my Drawn Thread is in two Millennium-themed tote bags. I have an old chest of drawers and one drawer is Bent Creek, another is Heart in Hand, and another is needlerolls. I can't remember what's in the other two drawers!

Shepherd's Bush is in clear plastic files totes and Xerox paper boxes. These are organized by books, small kits, needlerolls, shop exclusives, medium kits, and large kits. The SB attitudes series is in a tote bag with the fabric kits to complete the hanging pillows.

I have a couple of the 7-drawer rolling craft carts that were discussed here a couple of years ago (Target carried them). My BC snappervilles are in one drawer, needlepunch in another, the freebie patterns you get for buying the JABCo buttons (kooky days and now the teapot series) are in yet another drawer. I have some Halloween, fabrics, LHN/CCN and other smaller designs stored there, too.

I have Xerox boxes (labeled) with samplers, holidays, kitted medium, kitted large, and magazines. Most of the stuff in the Xerox boxes are older charts from when I moved 14 years ago.

I'd like more time, please, to stitch. And, perhaps, too, a faster needle. That will take care of most of my stitching storage "problems". ;)

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Jane C's RR is finished

I had a blast stitching Home Sweet Home by Prairie Schooler for Jane C's RR. The sunflower is from Sunflower House by Chessie & Me. By chance the sunflower colors are the same ones used in the PS sunflower-birdhouse earlier in the piece. It makes a nice balance, I think.

Jane C's Round Robin Aug 2008

I wish the alphabet and the numbers that are in the grass would show up better, but the grass color was pre-selected. Subtle may be better!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

SB Sail Away is at the framer's

The customized custom mats arrived from Jill Rensel last Thursday and I took the piece to Kensington Framer's to be framed on Saturday. They had a beautiful champaign colored frame with a tiny bit of scrolling that echoed the scrolling of the flowers and vines at the top and bottom of the mat. Best part is that they can frame it in only one week! I want to enter it in the state fair before everyone stitches and enters it.

This shop is my ace-in-the-hole! I've always found the perfect frame here and they do a terrific job with the needlework. I also like looking at the gallery art they have available for sale. One day.....

While at the framers I saw a beautiful frame that looked like peacock feathers caught beneath a gold grid. Breathtakingly beautiful! The framer said it was the most expensive frame in his shop (8" x 10" ~ $116.0). Isn't it always the most expensive thing that catches our eye? I am looking for a piece to stitch for that frame. (I'll eat beans and hot dogs to afford the frame! LOL LOL)

I contacted a LNS first to see if they could frame my piece in time for the fair held later this month. NOT! Why didn't it occur to me that everyone else would be doing the same thing, too?? And they were all thinking of this LAST month. :)

I'm still stitching on the 3rd of the 4 Round Robins I received a few months ago. I'm on the home stretch and made the last design decision last night. Grass always takes longer to stitch than I think it will. At least I've already pulled a couple of possibilities for the 4th RR. :)