Sunday, September 30, 2007

Stitching Festival at Hershey and some finishes

Pat and I went to Hershey, PA, on Friday to attend what has turned out to be the last of the Stitching Festival (formerly CATS). :( Attendance was low, maybe because it was a Friday and people couldn't get off of work. We were just as glad it wasn't crowded because it makes it easier to see things, make selections and check out.

Silver Needle from Tulsa was our first stop. I was going to go to this other shop that has great ideas for changing fabrics/threads, but they weren't there. That bumped Silver Needle up to our first stop. They brought tons of goodies, including Nan C. (Just Nan). She had a new design, Frost on the Pumpkin, which I bought. Cute snowguy on top of a pumpkin! I love looking at their Mill Hill wall. I got the great idea of stitching MH designs on fabric and making them into standups or hanging pillows from them. I wonder. How they stuff them so fully and smoothly??

Picture This Plus was across the way and had to be my second stop. They have great colors on their dyed fabric and I usually just buy to have some on hand. I like to listen as people ask questions because you never know what you'll learn. The lady across the table from me was getting fabbie for Wave Dancer, a pattern I'd picked up earlier this year. Jazz was the best selection for me and I was lucky to see the model stitched up at the Dinky Dyes display in another booth on the solid color. I would've picked up Phantom to stitch Cross Eyed Cricket's Skeleton Crew, but there wasn't a big enough piece on hand.

From that point Pat and I started at the back corner and worked our way, row by row, to the front. Lorri Birmingham was there with deep discounts on her cross stitch designs which were displayed in plastic tubs. Her booth was displaying jewelry that she made. I walked by after superficially looking through the tubs; I already had everything and I wasn't there for jewelry.

I picked up 3 skeins of GAST that I needed. I needed Mulberry for Prairie Moon's Flower Waltz and I finished the piece Friday after getting home.

Prairie Moon

It's a companion piece to Prairie Moon's Moon Dance that I finished a week ago.

Prairie Moon

I can't remember the name of each booth I stopped at or where I bought everything. I do remember getting a fob kit by Fern Ridge Collections called Scardey Cat which I started and finished stitching yesterday and assembled into the fob today.

Fern Ridge Collections and Tool Tron ice cream swirls scissors

Earlier in the week I placed an order with Traditional Stitches in Canada and my order arrived Saturday. In addition to the Sampler Cove design I'd ordered were the Tool Tron scissors I'd been wanting: Ice Cream Swirls. They are prettier than I thought they'd be and are pictured above with the scissors fob.

I also bought a needle case kit called Sneaky Kitty by Fern Ridge with a cat on the cover. Noticing all the cat things I was buying, the cashier pointed out that they were selling black scissors with a cat design. They had one there. Uncommon Scissors?? Something like that. I ordered a pair (almost ordered two!) and should have it within 2 weeks. The scissors also come in silver and gold, but those weren't there to show me.

At the JAR Designs booth I got a wonderful chart by M Designs called Floral Fun #2 and the JAR Designs thread pack for it. It's on an apricot-y colored fabric by Picture This Plus. What luck!! Pat was looking in the booth so I sat down to wait. I happened to see a fabric in the JAR booth that looked like what I needed. Nope! Too bright. I went back to PTP's booth to get the fabric (Flash). I already knew this would be my next project. Unfortunately, I wanted a count that they'd sold out. Bummer.

I saw the new Bothy cut-thru design "Cottage", but decided to wait for a sale. Stoney Creek always has a big display and it was good to see the models for charts I have. (Note to self: do Fish City!)

I found a great new haunted house by Brittercup, and some halloweeny green fabric (JAR??).

Pat wanted to check out the line where she'd seen a chart and I wanted water. They provide water coolers and cups, tables and chairs. The water tasted sooooo good! I should've pulled my chair up to the cooler and just kept my cup full! LOL While waiting I played a little game I like to do. I imagine that I've left and am not coming back. What do I regret not purchasing? Surprisingly, I had a regret! I decided to go back to JAR Designs and get the bright orange fabric so I did. Here it is:

JAR Designs hand dyed Rustling Russet linen bought at Hershey Sept 29 2007

After finishing the stitching of the fob last night, I needed a new project. I pulled out the M Designs chart, the floss and the bright orange fabbie. When I opened the fabbie I was delighted to see that the reverse side was almost a perfect match to the fabric called for!! I've started it and here it is:

M Designs Floral Fun #2 as of Sept 30 2007 on reverse of JAR Designs Rustling Russet linen

I also bought Tequila and Salt by The Sunflower Seed and the JABC button pack, Toil and Trouble by Erica Michaels (my favorite!!!!) and the fabbie, Haunt the Night Away by Brittercup Designs (mentioned above), Blue Marble fabbie by JAR Designs, and MH pin kit called Boo Ghost. And a great time was had by all!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

No stitching last night

Boy, was I tired last night! I napped and watched TV. Didn't have the energy to even think about stitching! The only stitching related activity I did was look over the Just Cross Stitch ornament issue that came in the mail yesterday. Some nice ones. I made a list of about 12 that I'm interesting in stitching. My favorite part is that the first two designers have essentially the same recipe!!! What is the likelihood of that! I also like that most of the charts call for DMC. Thank goodness.

I feel more rested today so I'm anticipating making up for lost stitching time tonight.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Sue's RR

Here is my area on Sue's Round Robin. It's Summer House by Chessie & Me with a bird borrowed from C&M's Pomegranate House Sampler and stitched in Lancaster Red.
Sue's as of Sept 17, 2007
You can just see a bit of Sue's topper. I'm aiming to mail it tomorrow!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Joining the 21st century.....finally!

I feel like I'm catching up to the rest of the world. I finally figured out (I hope!) what I need to do to sell items on eBay. I've two items for sale and my fingers are crossed that they sell. Even if they don't, it was a great learning experience.

Today is a beautiful fall day. Sunny, clear and crisp. The leaves are not turning, but some have started to fall. I was going to just drop in to get my oil changed. Thank goodness I called first. They were totally booked and I made an appointment for next weekend. I'm planning to go to Hershey in 2 weeks and always like to have an oil change before a big drive. I always get more items than I can possibly finish in a year so I'm hoping to keep my wallet zipped shut this time. Well, can't come home empty handed, but I don't need to go nuts either! LOL

Going to Chocolate World for the box of Zagnuts is mandatory.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Another needlepoint finish

needlepoint crab Maryland design

This cute crab is by Ewenique. I used the metallic to suggest the sparkling water of the Chesapeake Bay for the Maryland crab. That's the Maryland state flag used for its design.

The ANG was meeting in Baltimore at the end of August and a LNS (located just outside Baltimore) was stocking extra needlepoint canvases in anticipation. I bought the crab about 3 weeks ago before the ANG attendees arrived in town and then selected the threads during Labor Day Weekend. I finished it Thursday morning. So quick and so fun. I'm thinking about using it in a box lid, but it's probably safer framed. (Safer from the cats, that is!)

I probably should pull a canvas from my stash of a bird-of-paradise. I've had it nearly 20 years! I think it even has a stitch guide. As I'm thinking of it, I have a Xerox paper box of needlepoint kits. And somewhere I have a Bernat kit of a harbor to be done in half cross using floss. And whatever happened to the Aesop's Fables crewel kit????? Hmmmm..... after my errands tomorrow I may go stash diving and see what I come up with. That'd be fun for me and it'll amuse the cats. I won't have time on Sunday since I'll be photo judging at the Frederick fair most of the day and watching the tractor pull and picking my entries up from the Damascus Community Fair. (Seeing how my entries did is one of my errands for tomorrow.)

Tomorrow evening I'll pick up the Round Robin (RR) I have and make some good progress on it.