Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Northcott fabric lecture

This was a wonderful lecture with dozens of example quilts!  About 45 of us listened, oooed and ahhhhed at all the wonderful samples and tips.  Made me want to quilt again! LOL  I resisted buying a felt candle mat because I don't believe in having lighted candles in a house with cats.  It took until today to think that I don't have to use it for a real candle; I can get a fake one with a flicker lightbulb!  Now I want the candle mat. :)

I picked up three more James Patterson paperbacks at the used bookstore yesterday.  I'd not heard of any of them (these are what I call "solos" as they are not part of any of his series).  I'm thrilled!  Let it snow!!  (Not really, I don't want the inconvenience of snow.)