Monday, May 7, 2012

Stitching finished in 2011

*quilted horse weathervane by Jean Farish *2 kumihumo cords *4 SB Easter Eggs framed together *4 SB Easter *Honfleur Sampler from SANQ *knitted Easter Eggs *Shannon cat from Janlynn kit *French Country ABC's by JBW Designs Jan 2011 *Warm Heart by Shepherd's Bush 1/26/11 *Busy Bee by Shepherd's Bush 1/20/11 *February by Ewe & Eye & Friends 1/18/11

2012 Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival

I was 8th in the souvenir line! An all time record! It was nice to know that I would be able to purchase whatever I wanted because the other 7 people would not have bought it all. :) I bought 2 shirts and a tote. (Gotta have the tote even though I'd brought a tote with me!) Sheldridge Farm ( had the most beautiful assymetrical sweater kit! It came in greens or blues (online I see it is also available in browns). I bought the blue, but I may have to get the green. I also bought another sweater kit in autumn colors on teal. Just gorgeous!! My favorite place of the hundreds of booths. Lunch was welcome, especially the refreshing drink. The weather was sunny, but mild. A beautiful day for the festival. I got tired early on so I didn't stay nearly as long as I usually do. Went with Pat to the Stitching Post afterwards. That was nice and meant that Sunday was free to do other things. I'm currently reading White Horse. It was compared to The Hunger Games, but other than being set in the future, it has nothing in common with The Hunger Games.