Monday, May 12, 2008

Yesterday was a rainy Sunday

I had no energy to go anywhere and nothing on my errands list so I stayed home and stitched! I started LHN's Blessed are the Merciful on Friday night and finished it Sunday night. Wahooooooo!! Pic to come. I didn't like the finished result nearly as much as I liked the Berlin-work-like picture on the cover of the chart. Crescent Colours' Sassy Brassy is gold and warm brown so I had to manipulate it for the sun, the window trim and the centers of the border flowers. Who wants brown suns?? Now I have all this leftover just brown color. Maybe I'll use it to stitch a dog or cat on someone's RR.

I picked up Little By Little Designs' Pocketful of Posies that I'm doing on white. I converted to overdyed threads and it looks great!! I'd like to get that one done by this weekend since I'm about at the halfway point.

I'm also working on LK's Good Things (for the second time). I have it on my Q-Snaps right now. This time it's on light blue with the called for fibers. Nice!!

I have a long list of stuff I want to stitch. Sigh. Too much to stitch, too little time!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Mill Hill & Jim Shore!!!

Have you seen these?!?!?! I LOVE them!!! I have several of the Jim Shore Collectibles including his 12 Days of Christmas ornaments. My LNS had 2 of the 3 cats (only missing Scarlet). I bought these two and Harvest Trio "kit". I ordered the banding the same day. The kit costs about as much as the actual collectible! I'll have to be careful about that even though stitching it will be different.

So much to stitch and so little time!

Just cruisin' on my stitchin'

I'm not really driven to stitch anything lately. I took my needlepoint crab in the water to The Stitching Post (Catonsville, Md) for framing a week ago. I think I'm going to be really pleased with the results. Double matted with red and yellow in a black frame (three of the four Maryland flag colors; only color missing is white, but I guess I can consider the white mat core to suffice).

I can't find my LK Good Things Come to Those Who Stitch that I finished. I even had a frame for it. Bummer. So I'm stitching it again, this time on sky blue with the fibers called for. I like it better, but I dislike stitching things more than once.

I placed a nice order from the last online Needlework Show. Although I can't recall any of the titles of the charts, I'm looking forward to stitching the portraits of the women that are actually pictures of birds in flight near a tree and a flower. The county fair has a pairs category that these will be perfect for! Just have to get them and stitch them!

I also placed an order from a French designer for some nice heart designs with houses and trees trimming the outer edge of the hearts. One design is of a village using all sorts of colors. Online they had the same design, but monochrome! I had the monochrome one in my cart, but decided I'd rather have the option of doing it in color. Stitching it in one color doesn't require the abilities of a rocket scientist! :)

I'm still plugging away at Shepherd Bush's Sail Away. I really want to get it done before it's released (probably in September 2008) to all the world and enter it in the fairs this year. Tick tock! Tick tock!