Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Knitting cupcakes

I took the best class on Sunday at Eleganza Yarns on Shad Row in Frederick, MD. The teacher/owner was fun and knowledgable. The class, free by the way, was on making knitted cupcakes. She had a great model with "coconut" topping (my fav!). Unfortunately, that yarn was no longer available. I did find several other combinations including red, white and blue (4th of July, of course!).

There were 3 of us making cupcakes and a 4th working on a beautiful sweater, plus the instructor working on a light shrug. I liked that even though I've been knitting since 1982, taught knitting at the yarn shop I worked at, and judged knitting for the fairs I still learned some things! I like that about me. :)

Class was great fun and a real treat for me. The day was clear and sunny (it's been so rainy for the last couple of months) and the breeze felt wonderful. We all chatted and had a great time and made good progress on our "fat-free" cupcakes. It cracked us up when another knitter came into the store, asked what we were making and said that she had "too many projects started to be spending time knitting cupcakes!" What a hoot!! I'll stack my knitting, crochet, needlepoint and cross stitch started projects against any one, any day, any time!!! Yet I had time to knit cupcakes. And, yes, us cupcake makers laughed at her after she'd left the parking lot.

One of the other cupcake knitters brought in a skein of "coconut" yarn that she'd bought at the shop many months ago. Although I looked at the label and had pen and paper handy, I didn't jot down the name of the yarn. All I could remember was "FFF" for the manufacturer. Never heard of 'em!

Well, I'm not the Google Queen for nothing! I found the yarn, FFF's Moira, online AND found a shop selling it for 50% off!!!! You may touch the hem of my garment. (LOL)

Ash came back from the framers + clydesdales

and, boy, is it gorgeous!!! I framed it with one inch at the top and tail, 2 inches from the nose, and 4 inches above the bottom since I wanted to give the appearance that it is flying. I have no memory in the computer for scans so I am unable to post a picture of it or of anything. :(

I am still "plowing" (LOL) away on my clydesdales pulling the old fashioned plow. I stitch for 3 to 4 hours a night and it still shows no daily progress. After a couple of days I see progress, but it takes a while. I'll be glad when it's done and I can stitch on other things. I might have to take it on vacation and to a framer while on vacation so it'll be done in time for the county fairs. They can ship it to me, if it comes to that.

I have many things I'd like to stitch next. Little Mill Hill musical instruments as ornaments, MH sled and MH train ornaments, needlerolls, HIH, the new BC branches, anything Shepherd's Bush (I have so much, it won't matter what gets stitched), Dictionary of Bras, Language of Flowers, Sweet Treats, and my needlepoint and knitting!!