Thursday, July 24, 2008

Pics of recent finishes

I finally got my act together and scanned my recent finishes. Here they are:

JABC Flip Flop Days May 31, 2008 JABC Flip Flop Days

Mosey 'n Me Spooky Pumpkin May 2008 Mosey 'N Me Spooky Pumpkin

SB Long Stocking necklace July 19 2008 Shepherd's Bush Long Stocking

SB Free freebie  July 20 2008 Shepherd's Bush Free (freebie) Just needs the flag button.

Toast with Butter recipe July 14, 2008 Toast with Butter recipe

Boiling Water recipe xs July 16 2008 Boiling Water recipe

The two recipes are from an old (~1984) fabric store's Items to Make and Sell booklet. I found the booklet in the local Thrift Store a week ago. I love stitching recipes, but they have to be recipes that are already charted. I may make an exception for the Nestle's Toll House Cookie recipe. I might even buy some of the cute JABC chocolate chip cookie buttons and stitch them down on the fabric.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

I've finished with Georgie's RR

This was a lot of fun to stitch! I adore Halloween themed Round Robins. The design is from Happy Haunting kit by Shepherd's Bush. The tombstone (great idea!) is from SanMan Originals Designs.

Georgie's RR on July 10, 2008 RR Georgie's SanMan Originals tombstone on July 10 2008

Monday, July 7, 2008

Started a new project

Not that that's news to anyone who knows me! LOL I've had the Carriage House Samplings alphabet for a while now. This past weekend I went to the LNS and picked up the fabbie and 8 skeins of Black Crow (so they'd be the same dye lot). I'm going to use the colored labels that Needle Delights in Pensacola, FL did. I wish I had the patience to do it over one. I'd start it, but that's as far as it'd go. I've done two of the 26 rectangles. I ordered all the GAST from JJ's Collectibles during their 4th of July sale. Doing the rectangles will keep me very busy, but the project is already on a back burner! LOL I have to finish stitching the RR I have. I love what I'm stitching and yesterday made fantastic headway!! I can't decide whether to stitch one of the pumpkins. It's charted to be green and it looks cute, but I like orange better. Well, I still have time! :) It's the witch and her spooky sheep from Shepherd's Bush's Happy Haunting.

My order from Shepherd's Bush arrived on Saturday! In it was Into the Night (another great spooky sheep), WDW carrot fabbie and lime green vintage cashel. The carrot fabric is for "3 Black Cats" and the lime cashel is for "A Boo C" both by Cherrywood Design Studios.

At the LNS Saturday I also picked up "My Country" by Lizzie Kate (it's a LE kit). What sold me was the Liberty Bell charm with its tiny crack. Maybe I'll do it for next years' 4th of July item. The Holiday chart for this 4th was the freebie "Free" from SB. I ordered a flag button from JJ's. It should fit the space.