Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Hallowe'en! and This is It

I love the random apostrophe in Halloween! LOL Hope all your ghosts and goblins are friendly ones.

I saw the Michael Jackson movie of his rehersals. There was a lot more singing than I thought there would be. What a talent. What a shame he died so young. I never would have gone to a concert so this was the next best thing. Lots of great ideas and definitely a spectacular.

I'm glad I wore my Halloween sweatshirt since the theatre was cold. Only 25 people or so at the mid morning showing. I was afraid it'd be elbow to elbow.

Oh, gee! Some idiots are setting off leftover fireworks for Halloween mischief out back in the next neighborhood. It scared the youngest cat away from the window. One of the older ones didn't even flick an ear. Cats! Fireworks are not legal in my state even on July 4.

I finished stitching Just Nan's Witch's Hat. Maybe it'll be completed by next year. Now I'm stitching on a new Shepherd's Bush Scary Sheep scissors fob. The back was done yesterday. I have a few more green leaves, the hill and the words and I'm done with the fob. Tomorrow I'm going to start on Christmas stitching. I have Sweet Tooth by Becky's Boo's and the JABCo buttons for it.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Back from Covered Bridge Needlearts Retreat in Columbiana, OH

Wow, what fun! Tracy from Hands to Work was back with a "boo" banner. This looks so wonderful and has yo-yo flowers out of old fashioned looking fabric between each letters' banner.

Lori from LA-D-Da was there, too, with a quick little pin cushion out of a wooden spool and a golf tee (how cute!) and a lovely acorn adorned pin cushion box top. I used her acorn design with leftover thread and fabric to make a scissors fob. The front says " 20 (acorn) 09" and the back says "Columbiana, Ohio". Now I'll have a specific reminder of the trip.

Ohio Retreat Oct 2009

Ohio Retreat Oct 2009 scissor fob

Lori also had us adorn a drawstring bag that she gave us. Made out of Weeks Dye Works felt, the bag just needed the WDW felt rose and leaves and the drawstring ribbons inserted to be done. If you didn't know the buttonhole stitch when you arrived that day, you certainly were expert in it within the hour! The edges of the flower and the petals are in buttonhole stitch and the flower is sewn to the bag using buttonhole stitch.

Ohio Retreat Oct 2009 draw string bag

Someone had a battery powered Ott lamp. I'll check into these. If it has a power cord option this could be just what I need. I need to get the transparent tape Judy had at my table to make following the chart easier.

I forgot to bring my Ott lamp. I unplugged it, but that was as far as it got. I checked Hobby Lobby (wahoo!!!! Hobby Lobby!!!!) and although they had Ott lamps they were full price at $104.00 each. Much, much more than I was willing to pay for forgetting something I already owned.

Lori was wearing a great charm necklace. I commented on it (I've always loved charm bracelets and a charm necklace was new to me) and she told me she made it herself with charms from.....Hobby Lobby!! At the afternoon break I went to HL and bought tons of charms, a chain and small beading tools. Voila, by the next morning I had my own charm necklace. Thanks, Lori!!!!!!!!!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Online Needlework Show

Drats!! I'm finding lots of goodies I want to order. :) I like Zucca (AAN) by Ink Circles. I also like her Christmas Tree that also has the swirls. Gotta love the swirls!

Almost everything else I like could be bought from an INS with no problems, but Cecelia's Samplers in Bronson is having 20% off orders from the show and that might be the clincher! I've ordered from them before and it went very smoothly.