Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Sail Away by Shepherd's Bush is finished!!!!

I finished this a couple of weeks ago! Whew! The next day I called Jill Rensel to talk about her customizing the mats she designed for the piece. Although I love the anchor, I'm not crazy about having two anchors. I had an idea for a topper and she's going to do it for me!

It should arrive in early to mid-July so I hope I have enough time to get it framed before entering it in the fairs. I may enter it in Woodlawn in the Spring.

Pics as soon as I can find time to scan and upload to webshots!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I see the problem.....

more cat pictures

Funny website pun

more cat pictures

These are just too, too funny!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Bought just one thing!

I had to post this because it's never happened before. At the LNS I purchased just one item! And that was a special order for Lemon Drop linen in 18ct.

I had some banding I'd ordered and got that. Also, I picked up my Maryland crab needlepoint that I'd matted and framed in Maryland state colors: red, white, black and gold.

Now to find the pattern that goes with the Lemon Drop fabric!! LOL

19 years later....

I found a shop bag with a needlepoint canvas tacked to the stretcher bars. The design was an ornament freebie (I think it was a freebie, after all it's been 19 years!) done with one skein of Caron Watercolours and 1 spool of Kreinik #16 braid in a coordinating color. The design was 3/4 done with Watercolours in shades of blue and silver Kreinik. I finished it in 2 hours!! So pleased!

I was so pleased I started another one! LOL The first one took a few days to complete. The second one took 19 years to complete. Any bets on how long it'll take me to do this one?? LOL I am going on vacation next week so maybe I'll bring these ornaments as my only project. This one is in rich dark colors with reds and purples. I've paired it with purple Kreinik. I like it!

The bag held, as you can surmise, several skeins of Watercolours and several spools of #16 braid. Some are obvious pairings and some I have no clue what I was thinking. Did I not get Kreinik for each?? I may have to take the uncertain pairings to the LNS and check out new combinations. If I'm smart, I'll write the pairings down!