Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Oreo whisper Super Bowl ad

I have to say that I loved this ad!  So much mayhem over such an itty, bitty issue.  I liked The Rock doing the milk ad.  Goat 4 Sale (Doritos) was not funny to me.  Coke dropped the ball IMHO by not building up more suspense in their race by having a couple of more commercials to move the story along.  Who cared who won?  The Sketchers shoe ad was a hoot; ties the cheetah in a knot and fist bumps the gazelle.  What's not to like? :) 

Ram trucks - God - Oprah!  I'm sure there's a run at the dealers this very moment!!  Clydesdale colt grows up and, no!, doesn't forget the farmer!!!!   Mercedes-Benz deal with the devil ad was a hoot!

Plus FREE SHIPPING when the Ravens won!!!!!!!!!!  My xs order with Stitches N Things will now have free shipping since I picked the Ravens to win when I placed my order before the game started. :)