Friday, July 30, 2010

Cats are a riot!

Saw this on I can has cheezburger: funny pictures - Caturday: Tragic Cat is Tragic
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and this one:

funny pictures-cat in a box
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and this one, too:

Monday, July 26, 2010

Beach Boys

What a great concert yesterday! But, then, they always do. John Stamos was with them (again!). Played guitar and drums. He also took pictures of the audience for his blog they said.

It was an early afternoon concern. A little more than half way through a big storm roared through. I was in the pavilion (thank goodness!), but we all knew when the deluge let loose when the folks on the lawn screamed! I guess it was cold water. The wind was very strong and blew water into the pavilion.

We were all standing to a particularly snappy tune series. I turned to look at the storm and was greeted by the wind blowing a fine mist of water onto us. Ah! Bliss! When I turned back to the stage EVERYONE in the audience had their backs to the stage (and the Beach Boys!), faces uplifted to the cooling wet wind.

Other than great singing and a solid 2 hour show the most interesting thing were the beach balls that people brought to the show. At one time there must have been 35 beach balls bouncing their way through the audience. Once it seemed like they were all airborn at the same time.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Crochet cornucopia finished

Hooray! Yesterday I finished stitching the eggplant and the cornucopia. Now I just have to enter it in the fair. :) I did the apple, pumpkin, squash, eggplant, corn and the cornucopia. Cross your fingers and wish me luch! The patterns are free on

I also finished stitching a needleroll in February and forgot all about it. If I can finish it in two weeks I can enter it, too, in the fair.

Friday, July 16, 2010

3.6 Earthquake in Maryland this morning!!!

We don't get earthquakes in Maryland. Having said that in 2008 we had a 2.something and ~1996 we had a 2.something. I didn't feel either of those. Now I can cross this off my bucket list! I also never need to experience it again....ever.

I was dreaming and was incorporating the shaking into my dream until it woke me up. I thought it was the result of a truck going by on the highway. However, I live on a court and there is no highway anywhere nearby. (You can tell I was starting to wake up as the logic kicked in! LOL) I've always heard that animals can sense these things in advance and, with six kitties in the house, you'd think at least ONE of them would've had the decency to indicate impending doom. Nope. Nada. Nothing. Damn cats.

I told my Maine Coon when he finally sauntered by that he's no Lassie! He just blinked at me. :)

My radio alarm goes off just before 6 am. I've been wide awake since 5 am. I'm going to regret missing the hour of sleep later today, for sure.

I'm hoping that any aftershocks are so mild that they aren't felt.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Noro Taiko coral reef piece done

This is a wonderfully dyed (although sometimes scratchy to use) yarn. It's a silk and wool blend with some nylon and other stuff in it. I made it into a hyperbolic plane (n=1).

I used color 18 (unnamed!) that is blue with purples, pinks and greens. Very ocean-y IMHO. I hope this piece will scan since it's not too tall.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Errors on Hinzeit Halloween Sprouts chart

I hate it when there are errors in the color key and I hate it when there errors in the chart. So I doubly hate the Halloween Sprouts chart!!! In the witch section, the out line of the witch is with a symbol that is not on the key. I have assumed (and by looking at the picture of the finished piece on the cover) that it is black. So I used black.

I am stitching these as individual pieces so they can be made into ornaments for a Halloween tree. When I finished with the witch I started the skeleton. The chart is wrong! The bottom bone starts one space too far down on the stick. DEEP SIGH. I changed my stitching to keep the spacing even. I had stitched the candy corn around the edge of the witch and was going to do that with all the motifs. HA! With the stitch count off, the candy corn won't fit evenly. CRAP! I'm leaving it off. The candy corn doesn't fit evenly around the spider motif either so these both have that in common.

Today I decided to see if Hinzeit had these errors in their corrections section. No, they don't. I debated whether to bother to mention these and decided I would help future stitchers out by letting the designer know. Guess what? No contact info on her website! I've decided to post the errors here. Maybe she'll find them; maybe she won't. I don't care. I will think twice before buying another of her charts. I'll think three times before actually stitching one.